2022-2023 TAA Board of Directors - Call for Applications

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“Leadership is not about titles, positions or flowcharts. It is about one life influencing another.” - John C. Maxwell.

The TAA Board of Directors is the governing body of the organization. It is comprised of a group of individuals that collectively chart the course for the Association by focusing on the organization’s mission and the needs of its members. Their primary duties are working on strategy, setting goals and objectives, overseeing programs and activities and managing risks.

TAA’s Leadership Development Committee (formerly Nominating), is beginning its process of interviewing individuals who have an interest in serving in order to formulate a proposed slate of directors for 2022-2023. The Board is comprised of up to 16 members: 12 representing the owner/operators of the association and four (4) representing the supplier members. There may be 3-4 open owner/operator and 3 open supplier seats for the 2022 term. The Board meets monthly, on the 4th Tuesday, from 10-11:30am.

TAA continues to grow and strategically manage that growth. Many goals and objectives lie before the Board of Directors as they carry out their fiduciary responsibilities to the Association. Below are criteria, key qualities, and responsibilities of those seeking to serve on the Board:

Required Experience / Criteria

  • Active participation on a TAA committee
  • History of involvement in Association events and/or education
  • Leadership experience, in or outside industry (i.e. civic organizations such as non-profits, schools, religious entities).
  • Ability to prioritize Board and Association goals and objectives as required – (wearing TAA hat versus company hat as needed).

Key Desired Qualities:

  • Dedication and commitment, vision and leadership, stewardship, passion for the mission, punctuality, ability to communicate effectively, knowledge of industry, discretion, and integrity.


  • Adhering to TAA’s Mission Statement
  • Continued implementation of strategic initiatives
  • Keeping abreast of member interests and needs
  • Being an ambassador and advocate for the Association
  • Advancing growth by reaching out to those who desire direction and support

 The deadline to submit is September 30, 2021. Click here to access and submit form.

TAA's Current Board of Directors