Due to North Carolina's Stay-at-Home order, TAA Staff are all working remotely. All in-person TAA classes and events through April 30 will be virtual, postponed, or cancelled.

Frequently Asked Questions

Have a question that isn't answered here? Contact us!

Have questions about TAA's website? Here are some commonly asked questions and their answers. If you have a question that isn't listed here, please contact us!

How to Create Your Account

*9/25/19: Video update coming soon! The signup process has changed slightly. The fundamentals and concepts are the same, but some of the fields have changed. This video will still be helpful while we're creating a new one!

I need to create an account on the new website.

Click here to create a new account. Follow the prompts and you'll be logged in in no time! Remember, if you work onsite, your "Parent Company" should be your Property.

I'm trying to reset my password but I get an email that says I don't have an account.

First, what email did you use as your username? The most common solution is that a personal email is set as your username even though your professional email is set as your contact email. (This is the recommended setup.) We suggest using an individual/personal email just in case your work email changes, you switch properties, or change companies, since your profile stays with you no matter where you work. We link your profile to your current property or company so you can register online and invoice your company and your profile will keep up with your event/class attendance history. If you still need assistance, please contact us!

Once logged in, you may want to update your company's profile or update your staff list. Both require you to have "Management Access" to your Member Compass. When viewing your Member Compass, if you have tab labeled "Staff", you already have Management Access. (See screenshot example below.) If you do not believe you have the correct access level, please contact us at taa@triangleaptassn.org.

How do I add/remove/edit staff members?

Click here for details on how to update your staff.

My company is a Supplier Member and my company profile changes (logo, description, email, website, etc.) are not showing up in the directory, why?

Supplier Companys have two types of profiles, basic and featured. Click here to learn more about the basic vs featured profile. Some information will not show up if your company has a basic profile.

I've upgraded my company's profile - now what do I do?

Click here for details on how to update your company's upgraded profile.

I am searching in the directory but can't find who I'm looking for.

TAA offers an online directory that has a robust "Filter" feature. Be sure to filter by Member Type (example: Supplier, Apartment Community, Management Company) and then search by keyword. When using the Keyword Search: Make sure to use thoughtful wording about searchable keywords. For example, if you search "paint" your search results will include "painters" and "painting" because the first part of the word matches. But, if the reverse is true and you search "painters" your search results will not include "paint" or "painting" because neither include "painters".

I'm looking for a PDF of the directory, where can I find it?

A downloadable PDF directory can be found here. Please note, you must be logged into the website in order to access this webpage.