House Wake! COVID-19 Eviction Prevention Program Extends Application Deadline through January

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Those behind on rent or facing a possible eviction now have more time to apply for assistance. The House Wake! COVID-19 Eviction Prevention Program has extended the application deadline to Jan. 31, to continue to run alongside the extended eviction moratorium.

“The pandemic has triggered job losses and reductions in hours that continue to put many families behind on their rent,” said Wake County Commissioner Shinica Thomas. “Business closures and other changes have burdened many families with paying for additional childcare as well. Unless we continue to offer help, we’re just delaying a wave of evictions, with possibly thousands of residents losing the roofs over their heads.” The House Wake! Eviction Prevention Program was set to expire today, but by extending the program through January, it will continue to provide help to households who have found themselves behind on rent or are already in eviction proceedings.

The House Wake! COVID-19 Eviction Prevention Program consists of a three-step process:

  1. Eviction Prevention - Through a partnership with the Telamon Corporation, the county helps tenants and landlords cover rent shortfalls, resulting from a loss of income due to COVID-19. House Wake! pays 100% of up to six months of approved tenants’ back rent owed from March 2020 through January 2021. In return, the landlords must agree to forgive the remaining rent owed and offer to discount rent by 25% for three months after assistance ends.

  2. Eviction Mediation Services - Through a partnership with Legal Aid of North Carolina, the county provides free legal support for tenants who need legal counsel for mediation services or to negotiate filed evictions with landlords; and

  3. Relocation Assistance - The county helps relocate residents whose housing situations could not be stabilized through steps 1 or 2. Telamon Corporation will continue to act as administrator for step 1 of the program. To date, they have received more than 1,800 applications. Eviction mediation services and relocation assistance offered in steps 2 and 3 of the program will continue through at least June 2021

“We’re excited that Telamon can continue to administer the program into the new year,” said Telamon Corporation CEO Suzanne Orozco. “Many households are still struggling in our community and we did not want to turn someone in need away. This extension will allow us to bring the maximum number of residents to stable housing possible and help landlords regain their loss of income.” 

Residents can visit or call 919-899-9911 to learn more and apply. Tenants and landlords who have previously applied and received less than six months of the support available can request to have the month of January covered as well.

About House Wake!
House Wake! is a strategic plan to minimize the effects of COVID-19 on homeless and precariously housed Wake County residents, while maximizing opportunities for positive long-term outcomes. This plan uses and coordinates federal, state and local funding to address the COVID-19 crisis within our homeless and precariously housed populations and aims to move the maximum number of people possible to housing stability. ###