Fair Housing: Law & Order

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Tuesday, April 21, 2020
9:00 AM - 11:00 AM (EDT)
7920 ACC Boulevard Suite 220
Raleigh, NC 27617
* Registration open until 4/14/20 at 5:00 PM ()EDT)

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Cost: $99 Members | $199 Non-Members
Two (2) CAPS, CAM, CAS, NALP, CAMT continuing education credits

The complication with most fair housing classes is that students get a lot of information but not a lot of ideas on implementation.

Ditching the structure of a "Do this, Don't do that" session, this class is structured around actual fair housing cases from the last 8 years and dives into the story behind them from the plaintiff’s point of view.

Topics such as civil rights, systemic bias, and other current sociopolitical issues are also discussed, shining a light on how fair housing laws have changed and what their necessity in society actually is. Let Heather help you explore where things went wrong, see the difference an objective eye makes, and learn from their mistakes before you make your own!

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Alyssa Clair
Alyssa Clair
Education Coordinator Triangle Apartment Association (919)782-1165x214

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Heather Blume has a contagious energy and passion that goes to the heart of the multifamily industry. Her work on site, combined with her work as a vendor, give Heather a unique perspective that enables her to assist those around her in creating their own successes. Currently, Heather is the Imagination In Charge of Behind the Leasing Desk Training and Consulting Services, a training and consulting firm out of the Seattle area that specializes in meeting the specific needs of multifamily clients who may be experiencing challenges in different facets of the property management world. She is an accomplished national speaker and trainer, having presented at such conferences as AIM, Multifamily Pro Brainstorming, and the NAA Education Conference and Expo. Additionally, her blog posts, podcasts, and articles are enjoyed by thousands of apartment professionals. A co-author of The Apartment All Stars Complete Guide to Leasing Apartments, her work has been seen in industry publications across the country, including UNITS Magazine, and Rent & Retain. Besides holding her CAS designation, Heather is NAA Advanced Instructor trained and has been a member of the NAAEI Faculty since 2009, as well as a Washington Multi-Family Housing Association NALP and CAM/CAS instructor. Heather's blog, Behind the Leasing Desk, shares her perspectives on everything in her corner of the property management universe. Heather provides an educated and objective point of view coupled with a sense of humor that is valued by her readers and clients.