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Fair Housing

Pot, Pit Bulls, Parking, and Other Fair Housing Pitfalls!

Tuesday, April 10, 2018
9:00 AM - 1:00 PM (EDT)
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Fair Housing

Pot, Pit Bulls, Parking, and Other Fair Housing Pitfalls!

Cost: $89 Members/$139 Non-Members
**Three and a half (3.5) Continuing Education Credits (CECs)**

Are you frustrated by trying to keep up with what is happening with Fair Housing? This seminar offers an overview of the protected classes, covers all the latest fair housing rulings and will answer your questions, for example:

  • Can residents smoke pot on your property?
  • Does pot have the same rules as cigarettes? Can you make your residents stop smoking anything?
  • Aren’t pit bulls dangerous? Can they be assist animals? What about a parrot? And what about those fake looking documents stating that the person has a disability?
  • I am out of parking spaces. Do I have to let every disabled person have a reserved spot?
  • What if other handicapped people park in a reserved spot?
  • Do we now have to lease to criminals?
  • Do we have to print all our forms in other languages since non English speaking is now protected?
  • Does the Violence Against Women Act mean that I can’t evict a woman who calls 911 many times, over and over?

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Meet Your Instructor:

Anne Sadovsky,  CAM, CAPS, Anne specializes in fair housing, people skills, resident retention and talent management, and she is a popular humorist and standing ovation keynote speaker. She is a former VP of Marketing and Education for Lincoln Property Company, has earned a Real Estate License, a Certified Speaker designation from the National Speakers Association, and is an acknowledged Professional Fair Housing Trainer by the Texas Workforce Commission. Anne has been honored with Legend awards by Multifamily Pro and the Apart-ment Association of Greater Dallas where she is a lifetime member. She stays active, informed and educated through consulting contracts where she works hands on with on-site teams.

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