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House Wake! Housing Navigation & Landlord Engagement Program

Wake County COVID-19 Strategic Plan for Housing

House Wake! is a strategic plan to minimize the effects of COVID-19 on homeless and precariously housed Wake County residents, while maximizing opportunities for positive long-term outcomes. 

You, as a landlord, have an opportunity to positively impact the lives of those at risk of becoming or currently experiencing homelessness while also ensuring your business needs are met through participating in the Housing Navigation & Landlord Engagement Program portion of the House Wake! program.

House Wake! uses a Housing Navigation Unit to connect housing opportunities (landlords) and those that are in need of housing. The Housing Navigation Unit provides support to individuals and families by addressing issues that may delay a household’s access to housing, such as credit history, debt issues, and legal matters. They also provide continued support to participating landlords.

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Program Benefits for Participating Landlords:

  • Financial Support Including Sign-On Bonus
  • Resident Case-Management & Support
  • Reduced Vacancy
  • Limited Turnover
  • Risk-Mitigation Funds
  • Regular Unit Inspections

By working with the Housing Navigation Unit through House Wake!, you can help those at risk of becoming or currently experiencing homelessness increase their independence by renting them safe and affordable places to live.

Watch our recorded information session:

Frequently Asked Questions

Downloadable PDF

Who screens the tenant?

You do! As the landlord, you have the final approval in determining the eligibility of a tenant according
to your own requirements.

Who receives the deposit at the end of the lease?

The tenant. The balance on the security deposit will be given to the tenant to use in transitioning to another property if they decide to relocate after their lease agreement ends. The lease must be in the tenant’s name.

Are the units required to pass an inspection?

Yes, programs administered by House Wake! require a basic unit inspection. All units will be HQS inspected by a House Wake! HNU certified property inspector

What can I charge for rent?

Our programs operate under the Fair Market Rent standards provided by HUD. Current 2020 Raleigh / Wake Fair Market Rents (Raleigh MSA):

  • Studio / Efficiency: $962
  • One-Bdrm: $1022
  • Two-Bdrm: $1163
  • Three-Bdrm: $1482
  • Four-Bdrm: $1895

Who do I call if I have a question or problem?

If the landlord has additional questions/concerns that cannot be addressed with the tenant, the landlord may contact the House Wake! Housing Navigator.

Who should I contact if I would like to rent additional properties through House Wake?

If you have additional properties available to rent or would like to refer another landlord to the program, you may contact the House Wake! HNU Manager by email at mgauthier@endhomelessnesswake.org

Will I have to change my rental application process?

No, your processes stay the same, we just ask that you give some consideration for the population we are serving.

Can I continue to use my lease?

You will continue to do business as usual: your lease, your application, and whatever other requirements you already have will continue.

How will I get paid?

Whichever way is comfortable for you either direct deposit, mail in check, pick up in person. Landlord, Tenant & partner agency will agree upon terms.

Are there a lot of Forms I need to complete?

We will need a W-9, and House Wake! Application - information sheet.

Does it cost Landlords anything to be apart of the House Wake! Program?

No, we just ask the Landlord to make the unit that they are providing be Fair Market Rent.

Can I do a Shared Housing Lease agreement?

Yes, if that is how best you want to utilize your property with the House Wake! HNU, if again it’s Rent reasonable and Fair Market Value.

Contact Information

Monika Gauthier
Housing Navigation Unit Manager
mgauthier@endhomelessnesswake.org | 336-825-4807

Jasmin Volkel
Coordinated Access Systems Director
jvolkel@endhomelessnesswake.org | 919-358-1397