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2017 Volunteer Recognition

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Last Thursday, November 9, the TAA Membership Committee held its first ever 2017 Volunteer Reception before the November Dinner Meeting to show our appreciation and recognition for our active volunteers. Volunteers that had attended 2 or more committee meetings January through September 2017 were invited to the exclusive reception and awarded a certificate following the event. Pins were awarded to volunteers that had gone above and beyond through various volunteering efforts in 2017. (Bolded names below were awarded the Volunteer Pin.) Thank you to all who were able to attend! Keep an eye out for the 2018 Volunteer Reception criteria to be released and we hope to see you there!

Thank you for volunteering your time in 2017!

Akeshia Thomas
Amy Timocko
Andrea Phillips
Andy Meador
Anna Pfeiffer
Annette Allen
Annette Baldwin
April Vasta
Ashley Bowers
Ashley Brunson
Ashley Solomon
Ashley Valenzuela
Becki Hale
Berry Craven
Beth Dolan
Beth Kirkpatrick
Betsy Petruccelli
Bill Powell
Brad Lenear
Brandon Roe
Brandy Rutledge
Brenda Brantley
Bret Smith
Cameron Gorse
Carly Connor
CB Rice
Chad Anderson
Charles Persons
Chris Fortune
Chris Williams
Christopher Smith
Cindy Nitschke
Claire Michael
Coretta Hendley
Craig Bartholomew
Craig Cadwallader
Craig Nardi
Crystal Roche
Danny Young
David Allison
David Breed
David Lowery
Derek Tarrant
Derrick Taylor
Don Williams
Elizabeth Godwin Riley
Elizabeth Mach
Emma Wells
Erica Rudd
Ericka Gillis
Felecia Hobgood-Crudup
Franklin Rodriguez
Gerri Lambright
GiGi Chanayem
Gil File
Gordon Osborne
Gray Pike
Hans Dara
Hayden Sullivan
Helen Frazier
Jackie Peters
Jackson Riley
Jana Mitchell
Jason Dembouski
Jay Smith
Jeannette Steel
Jeff Brasel
Jerone Perry
Jerry Parise
Jesse Jenkins
Jessica Linko
Jessica Patrick Taylor
Jessica Patterson
Jim Solly
Joe Seftner
John Lewis
John Strasser
Jonah Rhee
Josh Scholl
Judy Wade
Julie Chu Zhang
Justin Vreeland
Karen Green
Kathy Woodard
Katie Ross
Katrina Murdock
Katy Boone
Keith McShine
Kelli Lea
Kerri Ledo
Kevin Lawson
Kevin Robinson
Kimberly Young-Fava
Kresha Morgan
Kristen Norfleet
Kristi Henderson
Krystal McPhaul
Latoya Patterson
Laura King
Laura Ryan
Leigh Hayworth
Linda Bowens
Lindsey Mantei
Liz Moore
Maggie Pardon
Marcia Thompson
Mary Batten
Matt Robles
Michel Charbonnier
Natalie Hart
Nathan Howard
Nicole Wood
Norm Praet
Patrick Johnson
Paula Kotarakos
Pete Rogers
Rebecca Kalishek
Rebecca Pugsley
Rebecca Rosario
Rita Zepeda
Rob Boggs
Rob Clarke
Rob Jeffreys
Robyn Gastol
Ryan Gagliardi
Sarah Brady
Sasha Russ
Scott Greene
Scott Marczewski
Serenity Cooley
Shannon Hunter
Shaunte' Johnson
Shelby Hyatt
Sheronda Dennis
Stacey Adams
Stefani Link
Stephanie Satoskar
Stephen Wilson
Steve Deaton
Susan Furr
Suzanne Maddie
Sydney Bryan
Tandrea Simmons
Tara Gerberich
Teresa Boland
Tim Cogdill
Tim Masters
Todd Whitlow
Tommy McDaniel
Traci Wooten
Tracy Brownell
Tyler Westerdahl
Tyner Tew
Wesley Mays
Whitney Nye
William MacRae