TAA's 2018 Volunteer Appreciation Program

TAA News & Updates,

We'll be hosting an event with different tiers of appreciation awards and recognition. You can earn points throughout the year by volunteering your time with TAA in various ways. We'll keep track of your points and send you an invitation to the event. The event is tentatively planned for January of 2019 so you have all year to collect your points!
Just make sure you keep us updated if your email changes.

How to Earn Points
  1. Attend a committee meeting | 2 Points
  2. Volunteer as Secretary at a meeting | 5 Points
  3. Volunteer for an activity outside of the committee meeting | 5 Points
  4. Serve as a committee Co-Chair or on the Board of Directors | 10 Points
  5. Bring a new volunteer to a committee meeting | 2 Points
Earn at least 10 points to be invited to our appreciation event!

Please contact us with any questions or for more information!