Back to the Basics

Posted By: Vicki Franciosi XCEL,

This virtual session, presented by the Xcel Committee, was held on Friday, October 13. Couldn't attend? No worries. You can watch it now. 

Thank you to our Panelists: Kelli Lea, CAM, Greystar & NAAEI Faculty; Laura Ryan, Carroll Management; and Danny Young, Prosource Fitness Equipment. And, a special thank you to our Moderator: Natasha Pinckney, Greystar & Xcel Committee Co-Chair.

The group discussed our PURPOSE: Why are we here? What does back to the basics mean for us?; BUILDING PROFESSIONAL RELATIONSHIPS: Where do we start? What is the best approach?; and TECHNOLOGY: How it has changed the way we do business. The good and the challenges. 

You can watch for yourself, on your own time. 

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