Essential Provider Request Information

COVID-19 Resource Center,

Many of you have been asking "Do we count as an essential business? What happens if there's a shelter-in-place?

AANC sent a letter to Governor Cooper on behalf of the industry requesting that he classify apartment operations as essential business in case of a Shelter-in-Place mandate. In the meantime, while we await a decision from the Governor on this issue, his administration has begun processing individual requests from businesses who believe they fall under the essential business category. If you or someone for your organization has not already done this, all the necessary information to submit such a request can be found below.

"NC Emergency Management has a process to vet businesses TO DETERMINE IF THEY ARE ESSENTIAL BUSINESS SUPPLIERS and allow them the ability to continue operations an emergency is declared or a shelter in place order is issued should their usual operations warrant such.

Businesses should email In the email, they should provide the following:
  1. Business name
  2. Point of Contact including:
    • name
    • email
    • phone number
    • address
  3. Nature of their business and why they are critical to continue operations
  4. Business website
Please be aware that the BEOC (Business Emergency Operations Center) is experiencing a high volume of these requests, so the response could be delayed."