NAA Presents "Candid Conversations on Race and the Rental Housing Industry" Webinar

Diversity & Inclusion,

Presented by Melissa D. White, Chiccorra Connor, Alexandra S. Jackiw, and Rommel Anacan

Join the National Apartment Association (NAA) for a solutions-centric conversation with industry leaders Chiccorra Connor, President and Founder, Occupancy Heroes Incorporated; Alexandra S. Jackiw, Chief Operating Officer, Hayes Gibson Property Services; Rommel Anacan, President, the Relationship Difference; and Melissa D. White, Director of Business Operations, The Kool Source, on the effects of racial inequality in the rental housing industry. This open dialogue is intended to raise awareness on the effects of overt and subconscious biases, including:

  1. The impact on promotions, from onsite to corporate level staff (Rommel Anacan)
  2. Removing racial bias from the recruiting process and closing the wage gap (Alexandra S. Jackiw)
  3. How branding and imagery impact residents and team members (Melissa D. White)
  4. How racial composition of local affiliates effect future membership (Chiccorra Connor)

These four topics will be discussed through a 45-minute, open conversation, with attendees selecting a topic in which they’d like to participate when registering.

In this webinar, you’ll learn:

  • The four principal areas of the rental housing industry that are affected by racial bias
  • Solutions that industry leaders are using to address racial bias within organizations
  • How to address racial disparities and drive solutions-based initiatives

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