Personalization is coming to TAA!

TAA News & Updates,

We all want personalized information and emails. We're more likely to read about what we're interested in, right? The Triangle Apartment Association is taking the first steps to provide personalized updates to our members!

Our first step is to organize all of our members' employees - that's you! By categorizing yourself into an "Employee Type" we're able to start the process to show you more relevant classes, events, and blog articles. You'll have access to an exclusive blog according to your Employee Type where you'll find links to upcoming events, classes, and blog posts relevant to your job and career!

To update your "Employee Type", make sure you're first logged into our website. Once in the Member Compass (your dashboard), click "Profile" and use the drop-down menu to select your Employee Type. (Click here if you need help logging into our website.) These are the categories you can choose from: 

Once your Employee Type has been selected and you've saved your profile, you'll have immediate access to the corresponding blog page! There will also be a direct link to the blog from the "Dashboard" tab in your Member Compass.

We're extremely excited to begin this process to provide better resources and opportunities. Please contact us with any questions or feedback!

7/12/18 UPDATE:

Employee Type Descriptions:

Owner/CEO (Mgmt Co.)

The Owner or CEO of a Management Company

Owner/CEO (Independent Rental Owner - IRO)

The Owner or CEO of an Independent Rental Owner Company

Owner/CEO (Vendor/Supplier)

The Owner or CEO of a Supplier Company

Vendor/Supplier Employee

An employee of a Supplier Company. (Example: Sales Rep, Area Sales Rep, Regional Manager.)

Corporate (Mgmt Co/IRO/Investor)

A corporate employee of a Management Company, IRO, or Investment Company. Does not include Owner/CEO, Regional Manager, or Regional Maintenance.

Regional Manager

An employee who oversees multiple properties.

Regional Maintenance

An employee who oversees multiple properties regarding maintenance.

Property Manager

The property manager or community manager of an apartment community/communities.

Assistant Manager

The assistant to the property manager of an apartment community.


The leasing staff of an apartment community.


The maintenance/service staff of an apartment community.