Rent Strike Statement

COVID-19 Resource Center,

Provided by the Apartment Association of North Carolina

Dear North Carolina Tenants and Landlords,

We understand COVID 19 has had a major impact on your residential community. As a result, many housing providers are actively working with residents who have experienced job loss or wage reduction due to the pandemic. We know things are not business-as-usual, housing providers and housing advocacy groups are all working to address the unique needs of tenants during this time of uncertainty. If you have not contacted the property management for your home or community regarding your financial hardships associated with COVID 19, we ask that you do so as soon as possible.

The effects of this pandemic are widespread, and the implications are felt across numerous communities like your own. To minimize this damage, we are asking that residents who have not been financially impacted by COVID 19 make their payments in full and on time. Ultimately, by paying rent on time you are assisting housing providers to meet their financial obligations and continue to work with residents financially impacted by the pandemic. Rent payments allow them to keep properties actively managed to provide continuous support and service to your entire community.

Unfortunately, we have learned of actions by both landlords and tenants that are exacerbating the effects of this crisis exponentially. There are growing reports of landlords taking the law into their own hands and evicting tenants without using North Carolina’s court process. This is not only illegal and opens these landlords to significant liability for their actions but is also extremely dangerous on many levels and for the community at large. This is not the time for vigilantism.

On the tenant side, we have learned recently of campaigns circulating throughout the nation and locally in North Carolina urging residents not to pay rent even if they are capable. Renters strikes are unnecessary and damaging to entire communities, diminish the ability of housing providers to make accommodation for those in need. Amid a health and financial crisis, we cannot afford a housing crisis that will impact the most vulnerable residents.

As a collective, we can navigate these challenging times and extend flexibility to those financially impacted by the COVID 19 virus if we work together. Housing industry leaders, advocates, and policymakers are all working diligently to ensure the needs of communities like yours are met. It is extremely important that tenants pay their rent in a timely manner if they can and that landlords not illegally evict tenants and their families during what might be the worst health and economic crisis this country has ever seen.


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