September is RPM Careers Month!

TAA News & Updates,

The residential property management (RPM) industry is stable and strong. Help us spread the word! Events throughout the month will provide opportunities for your teams to get involved and share the benefits of a career in RPM.

Here’s how you can participate in RPM Careers Month:

  1. Submit your video clip answering "I love Residential Property Management because..." to be a part of TAA's RPM Careers Compilation Video! (See more info below.)
  2. Promote and participate in the RPM Careers challenges, which give RPM professionals a chance to win fabulous prizes by sharing photos and videos showing their experience working in RPM.
  3. Encourage your team members to post about RPM on their personal social media channels throughout the month, using the hashtag #RPMmoments.
  4. Check out the RPM Careers Month spirit calendar for ideas on how to engage your team and your community throughout the month.

Learn about other ways to get involved at

TAA's RPM Careers Compilation Video

We want to feature YOU in our video! Throughout September, we are collecting video clips from members answering "I love Residential Property Management because..." to celebrate the RPM industry and raise awareness of career opportunities. Watch the video trailer right here and submit your clip to be included!

To submit your clip for the full-length video: 

  • What to do: Record yourself in a quick video (5 to 20 seconds) answering “I love Residential Property Management because…” keeping your answer short and sweet (think 5 to 20 words).
  • How to record yourself: You can use your phone or webcam in Zoom (or similar software). If you have a zoom account, start a meeting with just yourself, hit record, say what you want to say, then stop recording! We can trim the video so don’t worry about the extra time in the beginning and end.
  • Where to send your video: Email your video to Meg Palumbo at