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Event Deliverables:

At the end of the event, exhibiting member companies will receive...

  1. List of all registered Owner/Operator attendees
  2. List of any attendee who visits your booth

Marketing Tips

  • Download the event graphic. Share it through email or social media and encourage your followers to register for the event.
  • Talk it up! Word is mouth is often the most effective. And, a personal invitation goes a long way. Personally invite your clients to visit your booth.
  • Share specific information that attendees can expect such as new products or services, specials, contests, or prizes.

Best Practices

  • Participate in one of the Q&A/Training sessions hosted by TAA. Check out the TAA calendar for dates and times.
  • Think of TAA as a resource and partner for this event. Don't hesitate to reach out with any questions.
  • Use a shared email to receive the contact forms if possible. This way others can assist in responding.
  • If you only have one rep in the area or able to “staff” your booth, let us know if you prefer to turn off the chat feature. If so, all communication can run through the contact form.
  • Utilize and complete all sections within your booth: Main Profile, Staff in Booth, Products & Services, Videos, Photos, & Contact Form. If you don't put an email in the "Contact Form" section, attendees won't see that section at all!
  • Take advantage of the suggested times to be available in your booth. TAA will release these near the beginning of the event. Or, post hours that you will have a team member available for the interactive chat.
  • Offer a contest. Some ideas include answering questions about a video or photos in the booth, a trivia question, or asking visitors to complete the contact form.
  • Sponsor a giveaway. You could include smaller daily or weekly giveaways or a larger giveaway at the end of the event. Some ideas include gift cards, a staff lunch, a discounted or complimentary product or service, electronics, designer purse, cooler, gift basket, or branded merchandise.
  • Host your prize “drawing” or announcement live on social media.
  • Announce your contest winner(s) on social media.
  • Take advantage of the educational seminars, networking, brain breaks, and discussion boards.


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