This is Us: Terrence & Timothy

This is Us,

This is Us: Terrence & Timothy

TAA's Membership Committee created the This is Us series to showcase the lasting friendships that can grow when working together as volunteers at TAA.

The stories in our series follow a Supplier member and an Owner-Operator member in a conversation surrounding how they met and started doing business together, as well as the professional growth they’ve experienced after becoming TAA members.

Terrence and Timothy met about 4 years ago.

Timothy Kendall, Maintenace Supervisor with Woodlake Reserve Apartments, and Terrence Pennington, owner of Mandolin HVAC, Plumbing & Construction, met about four years ago when Timothy was working as a new maintenance technician trying to learn the ropes of his new position.  

Timothy says Terrence was an invaluable asset when he was learning his new role and often would talk him through some installs he was learning to do.

Over the years, they’ve become friends as a result of working together professionally. Terrance notes they work well together and just understand each other. 

TAA has helped foster this friendship with after-hours events and various committee involvement, 

Timothy says, “Other companies I’ve worked for were not receptive to allowing Maintenance teams to join committees or go to after-hours functions. I am grateful that Harbor Group not only permits but encourages my maintenance team to participate and seek education. This year I attended my first TAA Trade Show and I plan to work with many of the vendors in the new year. But I will always have loyalty to Mandolin because I have received such excellent customer service and great pricing over the years.”

Terrence says his membership with TAA has been invaluable to his business.

“The TAA is a true “partner” relationship that just keeps giving. I can’t say enough good things about them. We especially enjoy the trade show every year and have gained a loyal following of PM companies.” Tim follows up, “I am so happy to be a part of the TAA and I plan to be very active in 2022.”


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