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NAA Click & Lease

NAA Click & Lease

Developed exclusively for NAA members (NAA Membership is included when you are a member of TAA!), Click & Lease makes apartment leasing fast, safe and simple. Everything you need is online. Speed up the preparation of legal documents, make your onsite leasing process more efficient and streamline applications for prospective residents. No wonder it’s the most widely used standardized lease program in the apartment housing industry.

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As an NAA member in North Carolina, when participating in Click and Lease you will have access to a number of features including:

  • Completely digital forms: Send lease forms to new residents as well as renewals to current ones – all online
  • Litigation defender insurance: Triggered if ever a plaintiff challenges a provision of the NAA Click & Lease form
  • Integration: The program is compatible with all PMS software
  • State and local form reviews: Our legal teams at the state and local levels review forms to ensure compliance and reduce risk

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