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Real Floors, Inc.

Real Floors, Inc.

1791 Williams Drive
Marietta, GA 30066
(919) 421-8301
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Jenn Allen Branch Manager
Brandi Robelotto
Brandi Robelotto Director of Corporate Accounts
Brandy Rutledge
Brandy Rutledge Account Executive
Bryce Barnes
Ellen Weissman Corporate Communications Coordinator
Jason Bourgeois
Jason Bourgeois Regional VP Georgia & Carolina's
John Kuehl Account Executive
Kevin Glynn Account Executive
Michael Von Reiche Account Executive
Mike Eggers
Patrick Jay Account Executive
Stefani Link
Stefani Link NALP Account Executive
Tom Cunningham
Tom Cunningham Executive VP Sales
Wes Allen
Areas of Expertise
Carpentry Contractors, Flooring Contractors & Carpet/Vinyl Installation, Renovation & Capital Improvement Contractors, Turn Service Contractors