AANC: NC House Budget

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From AANC, 8/13/21.

The House Chamber recently passed their version of the state budget, within their budget is a new grant program for business owners who can demonstrate a 10% loss or economic hardship due to COVID-19. The $500M grant program currently has no award maximum and is set to prioritize and fully fund grants to applicants who have not previously received relief aid. The grant amount will be equal to the economic loss of applicants who have had no other form of assistance. Accepted applicants that have previously been awarded aid will receive an award amount equal to 5% of the largest award amount received.
If this program remains in the state budget this would be an excellent program for housing providers to consider applying to. We would anticipate a program like this would move very swiftly, the association will continue to monitor this bill and other efforts that could benefit our members.

View Budget Here.