This is Us: Chelsea + Natalie

This is Us,

TAA's Membership Committee created the This is Us series to showcase the lasting friendships that can grow when working together as volunteers at TAA.

The stories in our series follow a Supplier member and an Owner-Operator member in a conversation surrounding how they met and started doing business together, as well as the professional growth they’ve experienced after becoming TAA members.

Chelsea Bell & Natalie Hart

Chelsea Bell, Training Assistant with Grubb Properties, and Natalie Hart, Branch Manager with The Liberty Group have known each other for many years.  Chelsea says “We are able to see each other on a regular basis because of the Triangle Apartment Association and their many networking opportunities.”  Natalie says “My membership with TAA has been extremely valuable.  I have been given so many opportunities to network with clients and other vendor partners through TAA Events.”  They both agree that being involved with TAA has given them the ability to grow their relationship both on a professional and personal level.

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