Municipal Permitting and Inspections Update

COVID-19 Resource Center,

This information is as of 3/27/2020. Please visit each municipality's website for the most up-to-date information.

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  • The Town has created an Electronic Neighborhood Meeting Packet based on the version already in place to instructions and templates for conducting a required Electronic Neighborhood Meeting during times when in-person gatherings are restricted. Planning Department staff are available to advise you in the preparation of these materials. Staff strongly suggests that you hold an in-person meeting following the normal meeting instructions prior to public hearings/TRC decision if gathering restrictions have been lifted at that time. Please review the information carefully and email Amanda Bunce if you need any additional information.


  • Town Hall offices will be closed through April 30. All meetings will be conducted by phone or video. Staff will review and answer questions remotely.
  • DEVELOPER MEETINGS: We will not be accepting new April Technical Review Committee (TRC) submittals, but we will continue to accept revisions for previously submitted projects, building and zoning compliance permits, and construction plans through our submittal email address,
  • SETTING-UP INSPECTIONS: Our online ePermits system is accessible 24/7 at org/permits – it allows Clayton residents to search for permits and allows registered contractors to request permits, upload documents, schedule inspections and track results 24 hours a day. You may also call our inspections request line at 919-359-8717.
  • PICKING-UP PERMITS: Instead of picking-up permits in person, we will be emailing all completed permits to the applicants once fees are paid in full. Upon request of the first inspection, the staff member assigned will bring the approved plans and place them in the inspections box. 
  • DROPPING OFF PERMITS: ALL permits should be submitted electronically to the following email address:
  • PAY BY PHONE: Applicants can call 919-553-5002 to pay by phone or drop a check off in the payment drop box in the parking lot of Town Hall/The Clayton Center. Please ensure documentation is submitted with the check that indicates the specific application.
  • ACTIVE DEVELOPMENT PROJECTS: Engineering staff will shift to a hybrid approach working remotely while continuing to perform construction inspections on public projects and private projects with public infrastructure. Staff will review construction-related documents remotely and be available on work via cell phones during normal business hours. Please coordinate with the Engineering and Inspections Services Coordinator Karen Durham ( or a construction project administrator prior to submitting construction documents for review. With the shift to this hybrid approach, it is recommended that any construction inspections be coordinated with the project administrator well in advance to ensure availability.
  • CALL OR EMAIL: Our staff is still working 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Friday as normal, so call us at 919-553-5002 or email us at, or


  • On Wednesday, the Mayor announced a Stay-at-Home order effective March 26 - April 30. Essential services in this order include: Building and construction trades, real estate appraisal and title services, and outdoor construction activities.
  • The Planning and DSC development services update web page now includes a Resources List section. This section includes the following links.
    1. Dplans
    2. External LDO portal
    3. Paymentus one-time payment portal and fee schedule (DSC)
    4. DSC online application submittal portal
      • Items 3 and 4 are new, and they are functional. More build-out needs to occur, and getting this system stood up in its entirety is one of the DSC’s top priorities.
  • Regarding online payment, payment options that do not appear on the payment drop-down list can still be made. They will need to be directed to other active payment options as an interim measure, until the payment list is expanded further. Staff will advise further on this workaround.
  • Regarding online submittal, staff will work with customers on a case by case basis to complete a file transfer if such assistance is needed before the submittal portal for the corresponding application type becomes available.
  • The Planning and Development Services Update web page has been revised in response to Mayor Schewel’s order. However, in terms of the DSC operation, the stay-at-home order is does not significantly modify the current course of the DSC operation - and movement to online services - with one significant exception: deferral of some development application review fees.  
  • Effective immediately, digital application submittal will be allowed without fee payment until April 10, 2020. This applies only to Planning fees that have not yet been added to the recently-deployed DSC Paymentus web payment portal. These payments will be due at the end of the first round of review.  
  • The 17 application types that currently do appear in the portal are functional. Payments for these application types have not been deferred, and the Paymentus portal should be used to pay fees for these items. DSC staff are working to complete the Paymentus payment list as soon as possible so that all application types have a corresponding option in the portal. 
  • As a reminder, no paper application materials, thumb drives, or compact discs are being accepted, and an online application submittal portal is now available. Please carefully follow the file upload instructions provided. Portals have not yet been established for all application types, but more are arriving each day. In the meantime, contact us at and staff will provide a direct transmittal link.  
  • Please do not send items via the mail, as most staff are teleworking and are not available on-site to process mail. Mailed items will not be returned, and sending mail can slow down application processing time. If staff learns that a check has been mailed, the customer will be asked to cancel the check and direct payment online, or, if the payment is eligible for deferral, staff will advise accordingly.
  • Many employees are already working from home across the DSC’s partner departments, and more will be working home as soon as laptops, equipment, and software become available.


  • The Town is still working on logistics for upcoming public meetings. More to come!
  • Development services are still scheduling and conducting pre-development and pre-submittal meetings using conference calls and online formats. Contact the Planning Department to schedule. They are also available via phone and email to answer questions. Inspections Direct Line 919-552-1433
    • Planning Direct Line 919-552-1429
    • Engineering Direct Line 919-753-1869
  • Pertaining to Permit applications, building/construction plans, trade permits.
    • There are two Drop Boxes located behind Town Hall next to the Utility Payment Drop Box which should be used for submitting permit application fees and payments if you do not choose to utilize the online option. Payments dropped in the Utility Payment Drop Box should be in an envelope and clearly labeled. Please call and let us know it has been dropped. These Large Drop Off Boxes are labeled Pick Up and Drop Off. They will be located there from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm weekdays. The drop boxes are checked hourly.    e-Permits for new single-family construction can either be paid online or placed in the Payment Drop Box located behind Town Hall. The Inspections Department will email the building permit, approved building plans and approved site plans to the contractor. It will be the responsibility of the contractor to print the approved plans in color (11” x 17”) and site plan in color and have them on-site for all inspections.
    • Over the counter new single-family permits and small building trade permits (decks, pools, screen porches, detached garages, finishing off an unfinished area and renovations):  We have set-up a Large Drop Box located behind Town Hall for contractors/developers to place their plans and application in. Once these have been processed, reviewed and ready for issuance an email or phone call will be made to the contractor saying your permit is ready for payment and issuance. Payment can be made either online or through the Payment Drop Box located behind Town Hall. The building permit, plans, and site/plot plan can be issued back to the contractor through the Large Drop Box located behind Town Hall with the plans and building permit in one package/bundle with the contractor’s name and job location on it.
    • Commercial building permits/plans, plats, site plans, and subdivision plans will be handled thru the Large Drop Box just as the over the counter permits. Any payments can be handled by utilizing online payment or the Payment Drop Box. Planning and Engineering are utilizing the Large Drop Boxes located behind Town Hall for Plats, Mylars, Subdivision Plans, Storm Water, etc.


  • In an effort to maintain permitting services, a temporary digital submittal process will be implemented for development customers until further notice:
    • Applications, plan sets, and supporting documents will be accepted via email as SEPARATE PDF FILES ONLY.
      • Plan sets must be one PDF file—individual files of different sheets will not be accepted.
      • PDF is the only accepted file format.
  • If multiple supporting documents are required, each document must be its own PDF file.


  • New Submittals: Indicate “New Submittal” and scope of work (alteration, repair, new building, etc.)
  • Resubmittals: Indicate “Resubmittal” and include your case number and scope of work (alteration, repair, new building, etc.)


  • If your file is too large to attach via email, please send a link to your file on Dropbox or another file-sharing site to the appropriate project email address. This information must be provided in the body of the email. Please only place pertinent files in Dropbox and ensure no password is required for easy retrieval by staff.



  • Submit via email:
  • For new or existing buildings, alteration/repairs, interior completion, shop drawings, field revisions, and change of use related to non-residential plans


  • Submit via email:
  • For preliminary subdivision, administrative site review, site permit review, mass grading and recorded maps


  • Gatekeeping is still required for these types of projects. Once you submit your application and plans, intake staff will contact you regarding next steps for Virtual Gatekeeping. Please allow two business days.


  • Fees can be paid online via a registered account in the Permit and Development Portal. Fees can also be paid over the phone by calling 919-996-2500.

Please allow two business days for your case to be created and to appear in your portal account. If you do not see your case after two days, please email We appreciate your patience as we adjust to this changing environment.

  • The City has expanded the remote inspection program to include:
    • Single Family Dwellings
      • Reinspection for non-life safety items
      • Temporary construction pole service
      • Replacement of electrical HVAC units
      • Replacement of HVAC gas units (eligible for a partial approval. Final on-site approval will be required)
      • Replacement of electrical water heater
      • Water and sewer trenches for repair projects
      • Water and sewer trenches for new projects
      • Electrical trenches for new or repair projects
    • Rough-ins
      • Trade inspections (electrical, mechanical, plumbing and/or framing) and rough-in inspections for single-family dwellings (deck repairs, remodel, and renovation projects)
      • Trade inspections (electrical, mechanical, plumbing and/or framing) and rough-in inspections for single-family dwelling additions and deck projects
    • Non-residential (Commercial)
      • Reinspection for non-life safety items
      • Temporary construction pole service
    • For currently scheduled inspections, you or your contractor will be contacted via telephone and offered the option for a remote inspection. This will allow field staff to perform the inspection without entering your home. Field staff will guide you through the process via your video conferencing tool of choice (Facetime, Skype, etc.).


  • Operations for Planning and Engineering departments have been adjusted. Check out this MEMO and click HERE for updated information.