President's Pen, The ApartMentor, June 2022 Issue 2

Posted By: Craig Nardi the ApartMentor,

Appreciate and Celebrate your Teams!

As we near the halfway point of 2022, there are so many things that I am able to look back and be thankful for! Occupancy is at an incredible high, collections appear to be close to pre-pandemic levels and numerous events, classes, conferences and get-togethers are opening up and taking place in-person once again!

I have had the pleasure of attending several in-person gatherings over the past two months, and what I see and hear from so many others is just an overwhelming sense of joy when people have the opportunity to share experiences, gather together and collaborate face to face.

In times like these, my mind often drifts to appreciation and how fortunate we are to be where we are today. I imagine my appreciation of fellowship, like many others, is much greater having experienced the two years of isolation and zoom meetings many of us had to face to get here. 

The worst appears to be behind us, there are some circumstances that we are still working through on both the owner operator side as well as with many of our suppliers. We are still experiencing a shortage in our labor force despite the employment rate nearing an all-time low. We are still dealing with delays and shortages with materials and supplies. More than ever, our residents are looking to us to justify the increases in rent that are just inevitable within this market. 

While some days are always going to be better than others, it is important we all keep in mind the hard work and dedication people bring to the table consistently and show that appreciation, even if it is not solving the problem on your desk at that moment. 

We are just about to enter the busiest and hottest time of year. Making a point to show gratitude and appreciation is more important than ever, and quickly becoming the decision point if someone wishes to stay in their role or move on with so many new opportunities popping up each day.

I remember a time when companies felt employees should be thankful to have their jobs, but thankfully, those days are long gone. I often hear how companies are thinking creatively to try to improve work life balance and incorporate team-building experiences. As happy as I am to see that shift, it is necessary to check myself from time to time to ensure the people I am fortunate enough to work with each day know how thankful I am!

There are times when we all need a reminder that our problems often pale in comparison to those of others and make a point to share our appreciation FOR others! 

  • Appreciate the Maintenance Teams and their willingness to work through heat, sleet, wind, and rain.
  • Appreciate the Office Staff that are often on the firing lines when a problem arises on site.
  • Appreciate the vendors, contractors and supplier partners that so often will go out of their way to assist in solving a problem and often pull together miracles when we need them most.
  • Appreciate the residents as they are the bedrock of our careers.

Focus more on the strengths people bring to the table rather than their weaknesses and let them know how thankful you are for the opportunity to work together. 

While expectations should not have to change, the way we approach challenges and work with our people should always be evolving!

Craig Nardi, CPM, CAPS
TAA President
S.L. Nusbaum Realty Co.