the ApartMentor September/October 2013 Issue

the ApartMentor,

In this edition of The ApartMentor:

  • House Bill 802
    • Landlord/Tenant/Shorten Eviction Time
    • The statute streamlines the eviction process for non-paying residents.
  • Senate Bill 545
    • Master-Meters/Landlord-Tenant Agreement
    • The statute provides for the use of a master meter for electric and natural gas service when the tenant and landlord have agreed in the lease that the cost of the services shall be included in the rental payments and the service shall be in the landlord's name.
  • Presiden't Pen
  • TAA's 2013 Golf Classic
  • "Take 5"
  • Government Affairs
  • Connect with NAA
  • Landlord Lawyer

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