This is Us: Craig + Bernice

This is Us,

This is Us: Craig + Bernice

TAA's Membership Committee created the This is Us series to showcase the lasting friendships that can grow when working together as volunteers at TAA.

The stories in our series follow a Supplier member and an Owner-Operator member in a conversation surrounding how they met and started doing business together, as well as the professional growth they’ve experienced after becoming TAA members.


Recently, Craig Nardi, TAA's 2022 President and Regional Property Manager for S.L. Nusbaum Realty Co, sat down for coffee with friend Bernice Lopes, who is in Business Development with Carolina Restoration.

They met during an IREM community service event at the NC Food Bank in 2021. After talking they realized they had several friends in common and of course, TAA.

"Bernice has been a huge help to several of my properties. She is always honest upfront and willing to help in any way that she can," Craig said. Bernice said it was hard to pinpoint the most memorable moment in their working relationship, but said she enjoys when they're able to have lunch together or hang out at TAA events. "He's always supportive and helpful," she said.

We threw a little curveball, asking what they'd each do if they found $1000? Bernice laughed, "I'm pretty sure that Craig would want to buy a new iPhone! But ultimately, we would take his team on an outing." Craig said, "We would book a set of tee times and invite as many people as possible to enjoy a day of golf!"

As far as upcoming TAA events they are looking forward to, they both agreed, "The trade show!" Bernice said, "The trade show is my favorite event. Brings so many of us together under one roof." Craig agreed and added, "I was out of town for last years show so it has been a while since I had experienced this amazing event." They don't have to wait much longer, as the trade show is next week, April 27!

When it comes to TAA and how their membership has impacted them both personally and professionally, Craig said there are too many examples for him to list. "My relationship with the TAA and its members has proven to be invaluable for me as well as my company!"

Bernice agreed. "TAA has given me many business opportunities. The education I've received has helped me understand the multifamily industry's needs and standards. 

Who would have expected that by being a member of the Triangle Apartment Association, one could develop their professional skills as well as create lifelong friendships? These are the stories we love, the friendships that give us life. This is us.


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