This is Us: David + Lolita

This is Us,

David Lowery & Lolita Wald

David Lowery, Community Manager at Thornhill Apartments with IRT Living and Lolita Wald, Showroom Sales Manager with CORT Furniture, met at a Triangle Apartment Association event and fostered their professional relationship through TAA’s Membership Committee.

Lolita says “I appreciate knowing David through TAA’s Membership Committee and, first as an Assistant Manager and now Community Manager at Thornhill Apartments. His dedication to customer service and creative ways to accommodate his clients’ needs are admirable. He refers CORT business as an added value to his customer service. The CORT family appreciates you David!”

David says “Knowing Lolita and fostering a professional relationship through TAA has assisted me greatly in my position onsite as I could refer our new residents to Lolita and CORT Furniture for their needs of acquiring furnishings for their apartment homes.” 

These two TAA Members who met through TAA events and ended up working together on the same committee were able to benefit from a professional partnership that, as an added bonus, grew into a friendship!

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