This is Us: Franklin & Elizabeth

This is Us,

When you think about the friends you’ve made over the years, it can be hard to recall the why and how that solidified your friendship. Such is the case for Franklin Rodriguez and Elizabeth Godwin Riley. Neither one can remember how or why they met at TAA, they just remember they’ve always been friends. Franklin suspects it was an event, but Elizabeth guesses it was likely on a committee. 

We’ve heard this before, but it never loses its significance. By becoming involved on various committees, seeing one another at events, and working together on projects, people from all sides of the multifamily industry end up becoming friends. Franklin and Elizabeth have been able to advocate for our industry together, attend classes, and share a lot of fun experiences and memories. A working relationship turned into a trusted friendship. Elizabeth says she knows she can count on Franklin for advice, help, or an honest opinion, and she really appreciates that!

When it comes to his involvement with TAA, Franklin says it’s been an honor to serve in different capacities over the years. He enjoys being able to give back and provide mentorship to the new generations of associates coming into our industry and considers himself lucky to have met people who have been his mentors, too!

Elizabeth adds that she started off as an Owner/Operator, and then moved over to the Supplier side without knowing many people or having connections. Through TAA's various committees, boards, events and networking opportunities, she’s met so many amazing people, many who've become her lifelong friends! Her involvement with TAA has also allowed her to advance in her career and continue learning through various educational offerings.

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