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Board Meeting Sponsor- 11/22/22

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Board Meeting Sponsor- 11/22/22
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Sponsor a TAA Board of Directors meeting and gain unprecedented promotional exposure for your company. Meet and impact key individuals in the rental housing industry.

Please contact us to confirm the date availability. Sponsorships are given on a first-come-first-served basis.

Each meeting is exclusive to one company.

You are reserving the 11/22/22 Board of Directors Meeting

*Please note: Supplier Companies may only reserve ONE BOARD MEETING per year. Please reach out to the TAA Staff if you have questions or would like clarification.


  • Company Logo in Board Meeting Packet 
  • Company Logo on Board Meeting Agenda
  • 5 minute presentation time at beginning of Board Meeting 
  • Distribute promotional materials in the Board packets or do stand‐alone handouts.
  • Electronic list of Board Members for follow‐up opportunities
  • Breakfast is provided to Board members as part of the sponsorship


In-Person: $300 per meeting

*Please make sure you are logged in to purchase Sponsorship.*

Member Price: $300
Sold Out