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ENews (Double ad, exclusive, monthly)

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ENews (Double ad, exclusive, monthly)

2022 ENews Monthly Advertising

  • This weekly email is sent to every TAA member; the potential weekly reach is over 4,800 viewers
  • Perfect size for your company's logo or ad with link
  • Sold by the Month. Each issue has space for 2 single ads. By selecting this option, you're the exclusive sponsor for the month! 

The size for this ad is 520x200 px

As this information can change quickly, please know the month you request MAY not be available based on manual updates! (request preferred month(s) upon check out!

  • February- 1 single ad available
  • March- SOLD
  • April-
  • May- SOLD
  • June-SOLD
  • July- SOLD
  • August- SOLD
  • September- 
  • October- SOLD
  • November-SOLD
  • December- SOLD
Member Price: $225