Hurricane Prep & Dealing with the Aftermath

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With incoming Hurricane Florence, we are working to collect valuable resources for you to find in one place. As we continue to find new links and PDFs, we'll add them here. While this list may feel overwhelming, we hope it can provide tips and information for preparing for severe weather or having to deal with aftereffects. If you find a valuable resource not listed here, please forward it to Meg Palumbo at

Update 9/26/18: AANC is partnering with Hatching Hope to provide relief efforts to Apartment Communities affected by Hurricane Florence. Read more about how you help here!

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Carpet Cleaning Services

Social Media Pages & Apps

Multifamily Hurricane Help Desk - Facebook

NC Emergency Management - Facebook

NC Emergency Management - Twitter

ReadyNC - Mobile App

Prep Tips & Resources

Emergency Kit Checklist

NAA - Emergency Disaster Library

NAA - Hurricane Tips from NAA Members

NAA - Preparing Your Property for a Hurricane

Clean Up & Aftereffects Tips & Resources

CDC - Cleaning Flooded HVAC

CDC - Cleanup of Flood Water

CDC - Mold Prevention

EPA - Flood Cleanup

Repairing Your Flooding Home

Flood Repair Procedures