Kelli's Korner | #APTeamsDay (Apartment Onsite Teams Day)

Posted By: Kelli Lea TAA News & Updates,

Today is the day! Hear from 2020 TAA President Kelli Lea about celebrating Apartment Onsite Teams Day today. Use this chance to show your appreciation for the hard work our industry’s onsite, vital workers have provided this year. Don’t forget to take pictures and videos of all of your celebrations and post them on social media with the hashtags #APTeamsDay and #nctaa!

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Want to read instead of watch? Here's what Kelli had to say:

Hey everybody. It's Kelli Lea, your 2020 Triangle Apartment Association President. I wanted to jump on here today because it's a very special day. It's our Apartment Onsite Teams Day today, Wednesday, August 12. It's really the day that we say how much we love you. We appreciate you each and every one of you that's been showing up day in and day out over the last few months with all of these unprecedented things you're facing.

From our groundskeepers and cleaners that have made our properties shine more than they've ever shown before. We're not even able to tour our facilities the way we used to and people are still leasing based on how good it looks when they drive through!  Our leasing professionals that have had to learn completely new technology, and yet are still making the tour experiences very personal. You guys are amazing. Our assistant managers and managers have shown empathy and compassion as people have dealt with financial hardship, health concerns, job concerns. You guys we've had to wear so many hats and I'm so proud of all of you. Our maintenance supervisors and our service technicians, you guys have continued to keep our residents happy, provide them safe housing, and you are even interacting with them, giving them a wave across the parking lot, which is allowing them to renew with our communities.

Seriously, more than just today, you guys are our essential workers. You're frontline employees and our industry has been so vital over the last few months, and we would not have survived without you guys, our onsite essential employee. So today is your day, but every day we thank you for all that you do for our industry. Thank you.