NC Courts Stop Evictions and Foreclosures

COVID-19 Resource Center,

In a memo released Sunday, North Carolina Supreme Court Chief Justice Cheri Beasley expanded a list of new restrictions on courthouse activity that will include eviction and foreclosure hearings.  The new restrictions apply to all of the state’s one hundred counties and will be in place for the next thirty days. 

The Chief Justice has clarified that all small claims hearings across the state will be continued to future dates, sometime in the coming weeks. It is unclear at this moment when this will happen, but in the meantime, each county courthouse currently remains open for transactional business that does not require in-person hearings or other meetings with Courthouse staff or Judges.

For new eviction cases that become necessary this month, or for filing of paperwork (like Dismissals or Writs of Possession), you can continue to follow your usual case submission protocols and timelines, just be sure to check with your attorney or the Court about the best way to do so with the new in-person restrictions now in place.  

Please note that this is a developing situation and we will continue to share information and guidance on this issue in the coming days.