This is Us: Brittney + Rebecca

This is Us,

This is Us: Brittney + Rebecca

TAA's Membership Committee created the This is Us series to showcase the lasting friendships that can grow when working together as volunteers at TAA.

The stories in our series follow a Supplier member and an Owner-Operator member in a conversation surrounding how they met and started doing business together, as well as the professional growth they’ve experienced after becoming TAA members.


There are a few people within the association you just ‘know” from their involvement and experience, even before you officially “meet” them. That is how the story begins with Brittney Nelson, Regional Manager with Grubb Properties, and Rebecca Rosario, Visionary and President with Full House Marketing. “I have always known Rebecca as an industry professional, but when I started with Grubb Properties we worked together to train my new leasing team.” 

One of the most memorable moments in their friendship was at Link IQ. Brittney says, “Rebecca came to Link IQ and trained my new leasing team, who were green and needed the extra push that only the ‘Leasing Queen of the South’ can provide. It was powerful to see the impact of their training and the adjustments that were made.”

Rebecca adds, “I conducted the training as more mentoring and coaching of individuals for their specific needs than a formal type of training. This allowed me to really connect with Brittney and her team. Her enthusiasm was as contagious then as it is now!” 

How has TAA helped their individual careers? We just love to hear these stories of impact!


Brittney says, “TAA will always hold value in all relationships, career paths and overall opportunities. If you are a supplier or owner/ operator/ on-site, the TAA is a resource that connects all parties to the bigger picture....providing homes.”


“TAA has helped my business and career in too many ways to count,” Rebecca says. “Personally, some of the best people in my life, both colleagues and friends, were introduced through the committee and board work we did together. Professionally, I have two NAA designations earned through TAA education, my leadership has and continues to grow through service and contribution, and my company is widely successful through the networking opportunities. You could say my involvement literally changed my success trajectory in the best possible way.”


When asked what their favorite TAA event is, Brittney says, “I am a lifelong learner, so I enjoy the classes. TAA is always looking for new learning opportunities and making our experiences and knowledge greater as professionals in the industry.”


Rebecca says, “My favorite TAA event is the annual awards dinner. The talent really shines in our #NCTAA community! Seeing everyone in their festive attire makes it even more special (dress to impress!) I love facilitating Leasing 101, where I connect with new people who generally are earlier in their multifamily career path. We learn from each other, and I get to watch them grow and advance their careers. How cool is that?”


Super cool... but we may be biased.


Thank you for sharing your story with us!

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